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Our Roofing Services

  Residential Roofing 

  Commercial Roofing

  Roof Repair

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  Gutter Installation

  Ventilation Experts

  Siding Installers

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Residential Roofing

Residential Roofing Contractors in Fort Worth, Texas

When it comes to your home, it all start with you roof. If your roof is healthy, then your home is secure. Elite Roofing Solutions specializes in residential roofing. Our technicians are expertly trained to locate any damage that may need to be repaired and or call for a full roof replacement. We take pride in providing professional roofing services to our client's homes. Give us a call today!

Commercial Roofing

Fort Worth Commercial Roofing Contractors

Does your business' roof need attention? Our commercial roofing services include free roof inspections, as well as long term solutions to any problems we find. We understand the importance of keeping your business in operation and and your customers covered. We do everything we can to make sure you are able to stay in business while repairing or replacing your commercial roof. 


Metal Roofing

Fort Worth Metal Roofing

Metal roofing has become a very popular roofing option throughout Texas. Not only does it provide adequate protection and coverage for a home, it is aesthetically pleasing as well. Not to mention, metal roofing comes with longer warranties than any other roofing option. If you are looking to give your home that country look, while increasing curb appeal, metal roofing is for you. Our expert technicians are trained to perfectly match the correct style metal roof for you home. Poplar roofing styles are standing seams, PBR, and even insulated metal roofing. 

Roof Repair Services | Storm Damage Repair

Whether your home has recently incurred a hail storm, or is just about maxed out it's life, there is a good chance repairs are necessary. With our free roof inspections, our technicians carefully inspect every part of your roof, looking for any damage that can result in long term internal damages and costs. If it's a hail storm, then our technicians will work with you to get a free roof replacement through your home owner's insurance company. Don't just wonder if your roof is in jeopardy, find out for sure by scheduling a free inspection. 


Roof Replacement

We replace roofs!

With so many reason to have a roof replaced, the most important is to protect your home from water damage. Our technicians are experts at replacing roofs. As a matter of fact, we strive to complete roof replacements as safe and as fast as possible to limit interference into the lives of our clients. We know that the roof replacement process can be a little noisy and a little messy, which is why we concentrate on quick and clean roof replacement operations. 

Gutter Installation

We offer Fort Worth gutter installation and repair! 

We understand the benefits of adding gutters to your home. Not only do gutter provide an elegant look to homes, they provide protection for landscaping and lawn turf. Our expert installers provide a seamless gutter system customized to every home. Let us install your gutter system, schedule a free consultation today. 

Siding Installation

Fort Worth siding installation and repair!

Is your home's siding not looking so well? We are professional siding installers in Fort Worth, Texas. Our technicians are experts at removing old home siding and replacing it with fresh and long lasting siding. Without a doubt, updated siding can increase the curb appeal and overall value of your home. If you are interested in receiving a free quote for siding replacement, call today to schedule a free consultation; you and your home won't regret it. 

Free Roof Inspections

Call today for a free Fort Worth roof inspection!

Worried about the condition of your roof, but too afraid to get on it and check it yourself? Elite Roofing Solutions is here to do it for you. Our expert techs are highly training at inspecting all the key areas of your roof that could lead to future damages and costs. Our goal is to take care of every clients and provide the exact service they need. We do not try and oversell our clients, instead, we pursue building life long relationships for all of their home exterior needs. Call us today for a free roof and/or home inspection. 

What We Offer

Fort Worth Roofing Contractors | Voted #1 in Customer Service!

Look for a roofing contractor that you can count on? Elite Roofing Solutions is here to provide roof repair, roof replacement, and roof inspections. Dedicated to serving Fort Worth and surrounding cities, our technicians are always available 24 hours a day. We know when a large limb falls on your house during a rain storm, that you can't wait until the next day to get the damages repaired. That's why you can always count on us to be there when you need us most. Furthermore, if your roof is eligible for replacement due to mother nature, we will work directly with you to make sure your home owner's insurance covers the bill. 

Elite Roofing Solutions has achieved Master Elite certification from GAF, the world’s most trusted roofing manufacturer. This is an honor attained by just 3% of roofing companies in North America! So you know you can rely on us for exceptional service and a high performance roof. As the top Master Elite roofers in Dallas, we can also offer you the protection of GAF’s Golden Pledge™ warranty, the most complete coverage in the roofing industry.

In addition to installing new roofs, Elite Roofing Solutions provides roof repairs for Fort Worth homeowners and business owners that are fast, reliable and can extend the effective service life of a damaged roof. We even have a certified insurance adjuster on staff who can work directly with your insurance company to expedite your damage claim, speeding the repair process.

Call Now for a Free Estimate on Quality Roofing in Fort Worth, Texas

We are happy to provide a free, no obligation consultation and estimate for the replacement or repair of your roof. Call (817) 605-7663 to schedule an appointment with one of our experience roofers in Dallas.

FAQ For Roofing Contractors in Fort Worth

If there is even a question in your mind that your roof might need repairs, it will certainly benefit you to get a free roof inspection. Our Fort Worth roof repair specialists will inspect your roof along with your attic for any damages that may be occurring. 

Fort Worth Roof Replacement is not always required; however, during a free roof inspection, our technicians will be able to determine if your roof qualifies for a roof replacement, completely covered by your home owner's insurance. 

The best roofing contractor is the one you can count on to provide excellent customer service and high-quality work. For this, you need not look any farther than Elite Roofing Solutions. We are dedicated to quality, integrity, and service. 

Yes, we provide free roof inspections and consultations. Our team is designed to make sure your roof is adequately protecting your home. We will work with your insurance company for all storm-related damages.

Water damage in your home or attic is a huge sign that you have roof damage. Other tales are missing shingles, shingle granules in your driveway, and even if there is a huge tree limb hanging in your bedroom. Call us today for a free roof inspection. 

How to Get Prepared for Roof Replacement

Replacing your roof carries benefits for the long-term, helping secure a higher home value and providing security for the items you cherish the most. If you choose an experienced and certified roofing company, they will do all of the work, from removal of the old roof to leaving the property with no debris after the work is done. If you are reading this post, you might be wondering: “Is there anything I can do to make the work go as smoothly and efficiently as possible?” There are certainly a few things you can do to assist the project and get it finished with the least amount of issues. Some things that seem small, like mowing the lawn, moving smaller obstacles from around the home, or keeping the children indoors, can all help.

We will address some of the things you can expect as the project progresses, and will give you some things to think about, in terms of preparation.  For the property owner, the instruction falls into four simple categories: how to prepare the surroundings for work, how to prepare your home for the roofing project, securing children and pets from the work area, as well as some things pertaining to after the job is done.

  1. How to Prepare the Surroundings for the Roof Replacement

When your Fort Worth Roofing Contractor arrives, they will need to maneuver around the yard to properly assess and complete the work.  They will walk in the yard, place a dumpster in the driveway or nearby, and set up the surroundings to make the project as clean and controlled as possible.

Naturally, old roofing, nails and other items will fall from the roof during the job.  So our specialists will do a variety of things to properly collect and eliminate those items: like laying tarps, using metal detectors to double check the area, and do a thorough walk around inspection.  If you have created a clean and workable space for them, this process can be done more quickly and with the best possible results.

Vehicles – Before the team arrives, clearing out the area in the driveway and along the street is an excellent help.  By parking your cars down the street or at a neighbor’s house, it allows for roofing company trucks and equipment to be put in place right away.  Beware of waiting until the day of the project, as early arrival by the roofing team might create traffic. Keep in mind: they will need to be in and out all day, and a garbage bin will need to be placed as close to the roof as possible. Also note, while the garage seems like a great place to park out of the way, it could end up trapped inside until the roofing trucks have cleared.  Also, garage area roofs are often more exposed to granules and nails and other items coming through during the job.  The safest place for your vehicles, if they need to be close to the home, is in the street.

Outdoor Items – When you hire a qualified professional from the list of Roofing companies Fort Worth, they will assess the job all throughout the process by walking the property.  That means a lot of walking while looking up.  If you surveyed the home the day before, and removed all patio furniture, kids’ toys, and other items that might trip them up, that would make their job much easier. Usually a 15 foot distance away from the home is a proper distance to avoid issues.  Also, shingles and debris will be falling off the roof during the early stages of the project.  To keep anything below from being damaged, moving them away from the affected area is wise. 

Garden Areas – Don’t forget to inspect the garden area to see if certain things might be moved.  A roofing specialist will do everything they can not to damage the plants and flowers, but steps taken by the homeowner can help. Removable items like solar lights, small statues, potted plants, small bird houses, are worth consideration.  By moving them, you prevent them from being broken or damaged during the roofing process.  Keep in mind that roof removal will have lots of small granules and other debris, and you might not want that in your bird bath.  So it might be worth covering a few items if they cannot be moved.

Plants and Small Trees – As you know, certain plants and trees can be very expensive to replace. These will certainly be vulnerable to dropped shingles. You can get some marking tape and designate areas where delicate plant life is located.  Certainly a qualified team of specialists will work with you to protect those areas.  Placing tarps or netting over beds or other plants can help protect them during the project. 

A Thorough Pre-Job Checklist – Here is a list of other things around your home you can property prepare for your roofing project.  Attending to these before the day of the work is especially helpful

  • Marking Water Sprinklers – By marking the location of sprinklers, it will prevent roofing specialists from tripping over them or accidentally damaging them. Really anything embedded in the ground that could be an obstruction for workers ought to be marked.
  • Unlocking Gates – Your roofing specialists will need to access every side of the house. Certainly they will be respectful of closing gates to prevent pets from escaping, but they will also need ready access in and out of the back and side yards.  If gates auto lock or have codes, please make sure the workers know how to open those areas.
  • Mowing the Yard – By doing this ahead of the job, it makes it much safer and easier for the team to walk around the area. Also, as the roofing job moves forward, debris will be more visible and can be extracted more easily in a freshly mowed area.
  • Inspecting Electrical Outlets – The roofing professionals might employ power tools to do the work. This will likely mean access to outdoor electrical outlets. Before they arrive, inspect these sockets to ensure they are working.  If not, consider leaving a window open or in some way allowing access to interior power sockets.
  • Talking with the Neighbors – As discussed earlier, you may need to park up the street or at a neighbor’s house. Be sure and communicate to them about the project. As there will be trucks in and out of the area, and a garbage bin moved in, they might like to know there will be increased traffic for the duration of the job.  Also, there will be a bit of noise.  We just haven’t come up with a quiet way of driving in nails just yet.  And there is a chance a shingle or nail or something could end up on their property.  Our team will do everything we can to keep the area clean, but they might want to keep an eye out for debris.  Furthermore, if their property is very close by, they too might want to cover their plants. 
  1. How to Prepare Your Home for the Roofing Project

Our roofing technicians will not be inside your home. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t some work to be done there to help the project run smoothly.  As you may be aware, installing new roofing has the potential to vibrate the whole structure. There is a whole bunch of nailing directly into the main structure of the home or business. Certainly, there are no long term risks of permanent damage, but in the short term, things can be a little loud and messy.  Here are a few things you can address to help:

  • Inspecting the Attic – If you have any antique, fragile, or valuable items in the attic, it would be wise to move them down into the main floor until the job is completed.
  • Tarping Attic Areas – If you have access to a tarp, laying it over other items or frequented areas would be wise. There could potentially be small particles and such that collect there.
  • Securing the Garage – As mentioned before, the garage has a higher likelihood of dust and granules and debris falling through. This is the case when garage areas are not insulated like the rest of the home. Tarping items of value is an important step. 
  • Securing the Windows – A professional install team may place boards over your windows to prevent scratching or breaking. However, check ahead and see if you can assist in any way to help the job get started as quickly as possible.
  • Securing Wall Decorations – In some structural cases, vibrations from hammer strikes can cause vibrations in the walls of the home. If you have mirrors or photos or wreaths that could easily be shaken loose, please consider removing or fortifying those items.
  • Protecting Fragile Home-ware – This same vibration could potentially cause unsecured items to move and perhaps fall. If you have something glass or extremely fragile or not altogether stables, you might consider moving or fortifying those items before the job begins.
  • Roof Items – When you search for Roofing Contractors Fort Worth, be sure and choose a team who will handle all roofing items for you. There is no reason for you to have to go up on the roof to remove items, like satellite antennas, solar panels, or skylight items.  The workers will remove and replace these things on your behalf.  Keep in mind there may be an interruption in your satellite service for a time.
  1. How to Prepare your Kids and Pets for a Roofing Project

Roofing work takes time, and it can be a loud and messy project along the way. Usually a roofing job takes about two days, but this depends on the square footage under consideration.  This is certainly enough time to cause a disruption in the normal schedule for kids and pets.  Here are some tips to help.

  • Keeping Pets Indoors – The strangers on the property and the loud noises can be hard on dogs in particular. If you have the opportunity to bring them inside, it can be helpful. Other options might include letting pets stay at a friend’s home or in a kennel. Consider that debris on the ground could be harmful to them.  All of that should be cleaned up by the end of the job.
  • Giving the Kids other Options – Some children may not be settled with the ongoing noise and the presence of people they do not know. Infants, in particular might be awakened by the early morning hammering. Consider sending them to a family member or friend’s home for the duration of the project.
  • Warning Children about Activity – If the kids are going to be home during the roofing job, make sure they know what’s going on outside. As we’ve said, there will be debris falling, potentially nails on the ground, and people moving about.  Keeping them cautious about the area will help to ensure their safety.
  1. How to Prepare your Kids and Pets for a Roofing Project

The good news is, a certified and experienced roofing company will clean up after the work is completed. In fact, the work is not truly completed until all debris is cleaned up.  As for your part of the process, following the install, here are a few things to consider:

  • Inspecting the Work – Your satisfaction is the goal. The roofing workers will show their work to you. If you are satisfied, then the work is done, so be thorough in your examination. Even the most professional of teams can sometimes overlook little things.  Your view of the finished product is beneficial to you and to them. Also, if you have any questions in the following days, you are more than entitled to reach out and ask. Going forward, having regular roof inspections is wise, as issue can come up quickly during weather events.  You have the right to ask any questions you might have at that time as well. 
  • Checking the Driveway – Trucks and garbage bins and other things might have been placed in the drive during the project. Be sure and inspect for marks, oil stains, scuffs or scrapes. It is important that you notify the team as soon as possible so they can take ownership of the issue and rectify it quickly.
  • Paying the Professionals – Please be considerate of your end of the deal. If you are pleased with the work, remember that timely payments are incredibly beneficial to the company. We hope you gain a friendship and garner trust from this agreement. The team will work considerately and as quickly as possible.  Consider your part of that relationship as well.