Choose Tile Roofing for Beauty and Durability

residential tile roofLet Elite Roofing Solutions install high-quality, beautiful tile roofing that offers a long-term value, unbeatable aesthetics, and durability that will last for many years.

Our tile roofing contractors in Texas are experienced in the installation of this special type of roofing that has been known to outlast many other roofing materials. Designed for long-term performance, tile roofs have a natural water shedding and ventilation feature that makes them ideal for very warm climates.

The versatile roof tiles we install are available in many colors, shapes, and sizes to fit just about any style, such as authentic Spanish and Mediterranean or even New England Colonial. You can choose from flat or round, or simulated wood shakes, in a range of textures and tones. Work the our trusted roofers in Texas for help in deciding which one is best for your style home and budget.

Here are some additional benefits to tile roofing:

  • Long-lasting beauty
  • Light weight: Rest assured, most homes built today can readily support the weight of a tile roof!
  • Durability
  • Easier to repair than other roofing materials
  • Economical: Clay and concrete tile roofs represent one of the most cost-effective choices because they can last between 50 and 100 years or more; many manufacturers offer warranties from 50 years to the life of the roof
  • Minimal maintenance: Very little maintenance is required to keep a tile roof looking good and performing well

The bottom line is, tile roofing is conducive to virtually any style of home and can complement any property. There’s a reason tile roofs have been the choice of smart homeowners for more than 1,000 years! Let Elite Roofing Solutions help you make the smart choice by installing a tile roof on your home.

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