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Roofs For Troops

We Support Our Troops!

We provide a rebate to the men and woman who have served our country honorably.

From Elite Roofing Solutions and GAF, "Thank You For Your Service!"

What We Offer

Continuing to lead as the top roofing contractors in The Woodlands, TX, Elite Roofing Solutions strives to go above and beyond to make sure your home is fully protected by your roof. We provide free roof inspections where one of our expert technicians thoroughly examines every nook and cranny of your roof to identify all current damages and any possible future problem areas. We are honest in what we do; if your roof only needs repairs, we will not try and talk you into something you do not currently need. If your roof qualifies for a roof replacement, covered by your home owner's insurance, we'll let you know that too. 

If you are looking for an honest and trustworthy roofing company in The Woodlands, Elite Roofing Solutions is here to provide the best quality roof repair and replacement services for you and your family. We provide both commercial and residential roofing services.

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At Elite Roofing Solutions, we live in the communities that we serve. We don't treat our clients as customers, we treat them as neighbors, providing the same services that we would want to receive on our own roofs. If you are concerned with your roof, give us a call today to schedule a free roof inspection. We guarantee our quality of work and look forward to providing the best roofing services in The Woodlands.  

We Support Our Troops!

We provide a rebate to the men and woman who have served our country honorably.

From Elite Roofing Solutions and GAF, "Thank You For Your Service!"

What to do if you have Storm Damage problems in The Woodlands, Texas


The effects of storms can do unprecedented damage to a residential roof. When you calculate the impact of high winds, excessive rain, season after season of sun damage, and the weight of accumulated snowfall, the beating a roof can take is unrelenting. There is no time of the year when the integrity of a homeowner’s roof is not being tested.

This year has been no different. In fact, it might be argued that environmental wear has been higher than ever, with the ongoing onslaught of Gulf hurricanes, the widespread warnings and impact of tornadoes, and the unpredictable regional destruction of hailstorms. In addition to these major events, regular and intense lines of thunderstorms have affected our area all throughout the year. While thunderstorms may seem less dangerous, their higher rate of occurrence, and locally high wind gusts, make them more damaging than most people imagine.

If you have experienced any of the weather patterns listed above, then it is time for a roof inspection on your home. You may have issues over your dwelling concerning which you are not aware. Identifying and repairing leaks, before they become worse, is the best way to protect your structure and belongings from expensive issues. Your home is one of your most lucrative investments, and regular inspection and repair is an investment in your future wealth.

Our company stands out in the area as a primary provider for Roof Repair in The Woodlands. We would love a chance to assess and service your dwelling. It may be worthwhile for you to do a visual inspection of your roof, in order to determine if now is the time to give us a call.  Keep in mind, you will not be able to observe from the ground to the level of detail that our inspection would include, but there are some things every homeowner can look for.

  • Damaged Shingles – As you walk around your home, look for even a single shingle out of place. That is all that it takes to let water into your home. If a shingle is moved, bent, damaged, or missing, it is time to reach out for help. The Woodlands Roofing repair team can survey that area and the spaces around it. Also, look for an accumulation of granules on the ground or down the side of the home.  Sometimes the shingles are in place, but the protective coating has washed away. 
  • Metal Displacement – Even with traditional shingle roofs, there are a lot of metal pieces associated with it. This flashing can be missing, bent, or displaced. The wood structure underneath is exposed to the elements when the metal flashing or other connective pieces are damaged. Keep in mind, this is not just about the edges of the roofline. You could also visually inspect around the chimney, skylight sections, and venting areas. These metal pieces may be affixed by a sealant that has lost its adhesiveness.
  • Attic Revelations – While you likely will not want to climb up on your roof, most homeowners can more easily access the attic. Regular attic inspections are a great way to keep issues dealt with before they become expensive, especially if you do a visual inspection after each and every significant weather event. Any amount of moisture, be it a tiny drip, or wet insulation, indicates the need for immediate action. A great way to do this is to take a flashlight and work the seams and insulation surfaces throughout the entirety of the attic. Also, during the daytime, you might be able to enter a dark attic and look for light coming through.
  • Intuitive Concerns – Often times a roof will not show any visual signs of damage. Maybe a perimeter walk around and attic assessment show no signs of trouble, but you still have a sense that something isn’t right. This may come as a result of hearing sounds, creaks, or wind passage in areas you have not before. Sometimes there are temperature changes in the attic or even interior rooms that weren’t there before. Or maybe it has just been too many years between inspection and you just don’t have confidence in the structure like you used to.  If you act on these suspicions, it can save you a whole bunch of time and money later on.

If you see or sense any of the indicators above, reach out to our service team. We can schedule an appointment to send certified professionals for a thorough investigation. Our office team will process your appointment swiftly and provide results you can trust.

There is not a question you can ask that we have not seen and addressed previously. You are certainly not alone with your concerns.  There is not a finding that we cannot rectify through our previous experience and qualified workforce. Our goal is to far exceed your expectations with a seamless and cost-efficient solution to fortify your home.

The key here is options. We want to explain the situation with your roof, sharing with you multiple options and costs, and working with you on a solution that fits your needs, your timetable, and your budget.

Consider Your Home Insurance Policy

Many homeowners are unaware of the policies that protect their dwellings. Once a problem has been assessed, it is wise to contact your homeowner’s insurance carrier. You certainly do not want to pay out of pocket for work that is covered by your policy. There is a large variance in what homeowner policies cover.  Some cover damage from windstorms and some do not. Some cover hurricane damage, while others do not. It is wise not to assume what is covered by your personal policy. Reading the documents, or calling for confirmation of benefits, is always a wise step.  This usually includes an insurance agent coming out to your home for a formalized report.  Even if you don’t think it will help, please don’t overlook this important step.  Oftentimes the homeowner is pleasantly surprised by coverage.

We are here to help. If you choose to file with your insurance company, an accurate and detailed report is valuable. Our team can give an official assessment that will be useful in the filing stage of your claim. From the initial visit to the completion of any needed work, we can provide official documentation, receipts, and data useful to the insurance company. This assures that you will be reimbursed or paid the proper amount from the insurance firm.

Inquire about Roofing Company Warranties

If we did the previous work on your home, then we can discuss warranty coverage from our previous work. No matter who serviced your roof last time around, be sure and investigate what coverage you may have through them. Not all roof warranties are alike, but very often there is coverage that the homeowner was not aware they have.

We love talking about coverage for the homeowner!  Feel free to call just to discuss how our service plans work. We can also advise you on the protection you may already have from the previous work on your home. Most importantly, if replacement or repair is needed, we can explain how much assurance and protection you will get for years to come through the certified and guaranteed work of our professional service team.

Our company is among the top certified and reviewed roofing warranty companies in the country.  You will get piece of mind and financial protection for years to come.  Ask us about transference of coverage from one homeowner to another! This is a great selling feature if you choose to move while under our warranty coverage.

Take Caution in Hiring a Company

With localized weather events come a great many unqualified people knocking on doors. These always come with big promises of low costs and fast work. However, there usually aren’t more guarantees that lip service and brochures. Beware of workers from out of your area. Our company is local to The Woodlands. Our work can be verified visually in the area. Our team knows the areas, the requirements for roofing in the area, and the elements that frequent our region. You can check with the Better Business Bureau, as well as local online reviews, to have confidence that our company is the best suitor for your roofing needs.

Personal intuition is a factor in these decisions. Do you feel secure in giving your personal information to this person? Do you have reason to believe the work will be done as advertised? We believe research you do into our company will help you act with confidence.

How can you keep your roof secure?

Most homeowners aren’t interested in preventive maintenance. This is why costs are so much higher than they have to be.  But what if you could do a few things on a regular basis to prevent high costs and keep your belongings and investment more secure? This is a lot like maintenance on your vehicle.  Take, for instance, getting new tires. Rotating your tires at every oil change, while it can take a few extra minutes, can extend the life of your tires a great distance. This means putting off the cost of new tires and doing it much less often over the life of the vehicle.  Most people do not do this and pay the price.

Here are a few things you can do to extend the life of your investment:

  • Regular Gutter Maintenance – Buildup in the gutters can be a big problem. Water beings to back up and flow improperly, which can cause damage to shingles or the wood beneath them. Sticks and other harder debris can displace shingles and metal and open areas where the water begins to leak. Also, granules from fading shingles can accumulate in gutters, so regular checks might reveal this before it is too late.
  • Regular Tree Maintenance – Season trimming of tree limbs has aesthetic appeal but also benefits your roof. Debris from falling trees during storms is a leading cause of shingle damage. In addition to limbs falling during weather events, there is the season fall of leaves and twigs that can build up on the roof or in the gutters, leading to water displacement issues.
  • Regular Seasonal Maintenance – In our part of Texas, you can have expectations for what each season will bring. In the Fall, you know the falling leaves and limbs could be an issue.  In the winter, ice and snow and exceptionally low temperatures present issues. In the Spring, rain events are heavy and frequent. And in the Summer, in addition to daily rainstorms, heat can alter the structural integrity of older shingles and components. Having a checklist for each quarter is a great way to stay ahead of issues that sneak up on most homeowners.

We welcome your call. We welcome your investigation into the history and previous work of our company.  And we welcome the chance to inspect your property and help you formulate a plan to protect your home and all who live within it.

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