The Advantages of Standing Seam Metal Commercial Roofs

Whether you own a shop, a warehouse or a factory, you need to make sure disruptions to your businesses’ daily operations are kept to a minimum. A leaking roof is a common problem faced by business owners, and, often, they don’t notice the leak until the damage has already spread.

Clearly, with increasingly erratic weather patterns, conventional types of roofing aren’t enough anymore. So, why not try one of the alternatives?

A standing seam metal roofing system would be a good choice.

Excellent Moisture Protection 

All it takes for moisture to penetrate your roof and spread damage to other parts of your roof is a tiny crack. But this isn’t the only potential entry point for rainwater. One of the most vulnerable areas in your roof is your seams.

Standing seam metal roofs are less likely to suffer moisture damage from water entering through the seams. As its name suggests, the seam is higher than the roof surface, preventing rainwater from entering your roof through the seams.

Secure Fasteners 

A common problem conventional metal roofing systems face is thermal movement. As the roof’s surface temperatures increase and decrease, metal expands and contracts. Conventional metal roofs are attached to your home using fasteners that are exposed; these fasteners may become loose over time due to thermal movement, potentially opening gaps that may serve as entry points for rainwater.

Since their fasteners are concealed, standing seam metal roofs are unlikely to encounter this type of problem.

Clean Aesthetic 

And, since the fasteners aren’t visible, installing standing seam metal roofs can help give your exterior a clean and consistent look.

To make sure you’ll get to enjoy all the benefits a standing seam metal roof has to offer, only hire a certified contractor.

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