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Residential Flat RoofElite Roofing Solutions is happy to offer a full range of flat and low slope roofing services to enhance the functionality of your home. Flat and low slope roofs are distinct architectural features that requires skill and experience to install, maintain and repair due to the many challenges inherent in this type of design. Traditional pitched residential roofs don’t present the same problems as flat or low slope roofs, such as the propensity of pooling water and leaks.

Elite Roofing Solutions can help protect your home and family with a durable, long-lasting low or flat roofing in Texas and surrounding towns. We are experts in installing the best quality flat or low slope roof to protect any residential structure, large or small.

Have you been seeing signs of wear and tear, found leaks or suspect damage to the flashing? Now’s the time to call the top roofers in Texas: Elite Roofing Solutions. That’s because we have the experience needed to address low slope or flat roofing problems.

Low-slope and flat roofs are among the most challenging types of roofing systems because there is little to no water run-off capabilities, which leads to puddling and roof failure. It’s not just the water damage you have to worry about; it’s the destructive algae growth that can create tension on the surface and lead to roof deterioration. Unlike steep-slope roofs that use gravity to drain water, low-sloped or flat roofs require a positive slope to be designed to allow for drainage. For top roof replacement contact us today. 

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